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                                  Who We Are

We offer one stop solution for all your laboratory equipment/scientific instrument, laboratory glassware,laboratory plasticware,laboratory metalware, laboratory furniture and educational models needs.

In FOCUS,we will help our customer to get reasonable /best quality products in China.Meanwhile,we can also source scientific/medical products according to customer’s demand.All our products are popular selling in worldwide and pass CE/ISO certificate with one year warranty time.

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Our Product Range

Laboratory Equipment:Gas Chromatograph,GC-MS,HPLC,X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer,Ion Chromatograph,ICP Emission Spectrometer,Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer,Flame Photometer,UV Spectrophotometer,Balance(0.01mg/0.1mg/1mg/10mg/100mg/1g/5g/10g etc),Moisture Analyzer,Grain moisture meter,Hotplate Stirrer,Magnetic stirrer, Viscometer,Turbidity Meters,Colorimeter,DO meter,Conductivity Meter,Salinity Meters, Melting Point Tester,Shaking Water Bath,Water Baths,Oil Bath,microscope,centrifuge,Oven/Incubator,Heating Mantle,Soxhlet extractor,Soxhlet Apparatus with heating mantle, Autoclave,Laboratory Shakers,Mixers&Rotators,Rotary evaporator,Vortex Mixer,Pipette,Hematology Analyzer, Chemistry Analyzer, ELISA Reader, PCR,Microplate Reader, Microplate Washer,Colony Counter,Friability tester,Disintegration apparatus,Tablet Hardness Tester,dissolution tester, etc..

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Laboratory glassware:Test tubes, beakers, conical flasks, flasks, reagent bottles, measuring cylinder, measuring cup, volumetric flask, burette,condenser, funnel etc

Laboratory plastic:plastic beaker, dilution bottle, washing bottle, plastic measuring cylinder,plastic culture dish, pipette holder, plastic dropper,microscope glass slide, Cover glass/coverslip etc

Laboratory metalware: Faucet, sample spoon (medicine spoon), crucible iron rack, titration table, test tube rack, crucible tongs, clamp, tweezers, experimental scissors, lifting table, Bunsen burner…

Laboratory equipment:Buchner funnel, porcelain evaporation vessel, porcelain ark, white reaction plate, porcelain crucible, porcelain mortar, porcelain crucible frame, combustion tube, etc

Laboratory furniture: fume hoods,Biosafety cabinet,Safety Cabinet,laminar flow cabinet etc..

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UV1600 Economic Single beam Scanning UV VIS Spectrophotometer

Our Factory

We are a professional analytical instrument manufacturer for 15 years.we manufacture Gas chromatography,Atomic AbsorptionSpectrometer,UV Vis Spectrophotometer,Xenon lamp spectrophotometer,Analytical Balance,Moisture Aanalyzer,PH meter,Conductivity meter,DO meter etc.We have professional technician to offer perfect after-sale/installation service to our customers.

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