Touch screen Micro Volume Nano UV Vis Spectrophotometer

Nano-300(upgraded based on Nano-100):

  • Added bacterium cell concentration test (OD600) function based on Nano-100.
  • Android system with free software update
  • Auto power off if idle for over 5min.
  • Can see test result on 7 inch touch screen without PC.
  • Data can be printed with built-in printerand export outvia USB for further analysis.


  • Used to detect the concentration and purity of DNA and RNA(260nm, 280nm wavelength)
  • Min sample required is 1.0 to 2μl.
  • Add sample directly to the template without colorizing cup or capillary accessories.
  • Measures nucleic acid concentration at 260nm and purity using the ratio 260/280

Nano-500(upgraded based on Nano-300)

  • Added 0.05mm optical path length to make the highest detection concentration up to 15000ng/μl
  • Added the fluorescence detection function, which can be used for accurate quantification of extremely low concentration nucleic acid with a lower limit of 0.5pg/µl
  • Added new function of bacterium cell concentration measurement (OD600) in a cuvette.
  • Add automatic detect after put down the arm